Carbon Fiber for rudder shaft?

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Carbon Fiber for rudder shaft?

Post by Hiljoball » 28 Apr 2007, 05:32

Is a carbon fiber rudder shaft permitted?

Is the rudder shaft part of the rudder and so covered by the materials specs. of the rudder section(E.3) ? Or does that refer only to the rudder blade? In which case, which section covers the shaft? D.2.3 Fittings?

Materials shall not be of density higher than lead (11.300 kg/m3).
Construction is unrestricted subject to the following:

Fittings are unrestricted except that:
(a) Fittings that can contribute to the stiffness and/or strength and/or
watertight integrity of the hull shall be of materials permitted by D.2.1.

Is there another answer?
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Barry Fox CAN262
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Post by Barry Fox CAN262 » 28 Apr 2007, 16:40

I would say that the fitting part is the rudder tube that is fixed to the hull and because it penetrates the hull directly it has to be one of the allowed materials and not CF.

The rudder shaft itself would then be in the same kind of category as the moveable part of the main sheet post and can be virtually any material.

That said, the rudder shaft is fairly important to the waterproofing of the hull. If it wasn't there you will likely have a soon to sink ship on your hands but then it will also be fairly out of control so any competitive advantage you might have had is disappearing quickly.
Barry Fox
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