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Rule Simplification

Post by Tony Edwards » 28 May 2009, 12:39

Several recent posts have called for the IOM rules to be simplified but we know that, if we want to remain an International and recognised ISAF class our rules have to be written in "Isafspeak" and linked to the definitions in ISAF's Equipment Rules of Sailing. But, even if you are pretty conversant with the IOM rules there are many bear traps waiting to catch the unwary. Realistically it is unlikely that anybody will take 2 years out to rewrite the rules in a concise (and accurate) manner.

I think the main irritation is that items are referred to in more than one place in the rules (and then there is ERS as well).

A simple example is the registration number. Item 1 on the measurement form refers us to rule D.1.4 which tells us the number shall be marked in an easily visible location on a non-removable part of the hull. Rule C.5.1. says that the number shall be....on the hull shell or deck. And to complete the picture A.10.3 says each hull shall have a unique registration number which shall include the national letters.

So national letters are a requirement and they shall be on the hull or deck to the prescribed height but to find that out you need to read all 3 rules whereas the measurement form only refers to D.1.4 which does not mention deck or national letters. Now I am sorry if eyes are beginning to glaze over but I would like to air a suggestion. If a rule re-write is unlikely perhaps the next best thing would be an additional cross reference column in the rules so in the above example against D.1.4. would be see A.10.3 & C.5.1. This would not be a quick or particularly simple task and may not be permitted by ISAF but it would be very useful to Jo Bloggs (Blog). This could just be used on the most important linked rules.
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