Push rod material

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Push rod material

Post by maximo » 30 Mar 2010, 03:07

Can I use a rudder Push-rod made of Carbon fiber?

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Re: Push rod material

Post by Barry Fox CAN262 » 30 Mar 2010, 05:37

Somebody more knowledgeable than me will give the definitive answer but my understanding was that if it was a rod that was below deck and didn't have any effect on the water sealing then it was OK but if it is a push rod that comes from below deck up onto the deck, as would be the case on most skiff/scoop style rear decks, it would be penetrating the deck (this providing the water seal) and would not pass the test.

But that isn't official.
Barry Fox
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Re: Push rod material

Post by Lester » 30 Mar 2010, 08:56

IOM Class Rules wrote:D.2 HULL
(a) Subject to (b) and (c), the hull, excluding fittings and remote control equipment but including any supports and containers for such items, shall be made of and joined using one or more of the following materials:
(1) metal,
(2) wood; wood based products containing only permitted materials,
(3) glass fibre reinforced plastic

Fittings are unrestricted except that:
(a) Fittings that can contribute to the stiffness and/or strength and/or watertight integrity of the hull shall be of materials permitted by D.2.1.
Not sure that a c/f push-rod might contribute to 'watertight integrity', but an interesting idea. Perhaps Robert could offer an opinion that at this stage would be informal and unofficial ... (smile).
Lester Gilbert

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