Keel dimensions

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Arvin S.

Keel dimensions

Post by Arvin S. » 18 Mar 2005, 09:19

A friend of mine who is interested in making his own IOM asked me this question, of course naturally I could not properly answer him kindly please clarify anyone? :)

What does this rule mean?
The largest transverse dimension except for the lowest 60 mm ..... 20
mm maximum
As I complained before the rules seemed to use technical English, which unfortunately is hard for even english speaking people like me to understand. My take on this is that the Keel fin cannot be more than 20mm thick? But I might be wrong coz I dont' know the reason for this if it is correct.

Someone please shed light on this and also please give examples of how one can violate this and how one can make sure one doesn't?

Thanks in advance!


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Post by cfwahl » 18 Mar 2005, 13:41

The rule you reference means that the whole keel, except for the bottom 60 mm, must pass through a slot 20 mm wide. This limits, for instance, the width of a fillet or fairing that one might add at the point the keel meets the hull.
Charles Wahl

Arvin S.

Post by Arvin S. » 23 Mar 2005, 04:44

Thanks Charles and Lester for your replies.

So I guess the rule was talking about "Thickness" here not "Width" of the keel.

Thanks again!

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