Explanation of the allocation scheme for Euro 2004

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Explanation of the allocation scheme for Euro 2004

Post by Chairman » 23 Feb 2004, 20:55

Detailed explanation of the allocation scheme for Euro 2004.

The last few European Championships have been "closed" events. That is, only European Radio Sailing Authorities (RSD Division Members) have had the right to submit entries. There have been non-European competitors in these events, but these were guests of the RSD following requests or suggestions from the Organising Committees. IOMICA has changed this for the 2004 European Championships, so that non-European IOM NCAs now have a right to submit (limited) entries.

Stage 1:
M. Roberts 1, FRA* 8, MLT 2, CRO 5, GBR 8, NOR 2, DEN 4, GER 8, POR 2, ESP 8, IRL 2, FIN 2, ITA* 8 (Total: 60 places allocated, 24 remaining).

Explanation: The countries marked "*" only have this allocation if they obtain recognition as an IOM NCA by the time of the closing date for entries, otherwise their allocation is reduced to a maximum of 2. Recognition by the closing date for entries is likely for the two countries listed. There are other countries whose application is either in progress or not yet received, but their allocation is 2 places anyway. It is possible that other European countries not in this list may seek recognition, but they will not receive an allocation in stage 1. The stage 1 allocation is firm as indicated here.

Stage 2 (i):
GBR 2, CRO 3, ESP 2, DEN 2, ITA* 2, FRA* 2, GER 2 (Total: 15 further places allocated, 9 remaining).

Explanation: The allocation of places in stage 2(i) is firm as well. For the "*" countries, the extra places in this stage are allocated, as before, on the assumption that these countries will receive recognition by the closing date for entries.

Stage 2 (ii):
Places are allocated to non-European Member NCAs to a maximum of 12, where no more than 2 places shall be allocated to any one non-European Member NCA. (Total: 9 further places likely to be allocated, 0 remaining).

Explanation: There is a firm number of at least 9 places remaining, and it is expected therefore that at least some of these places will be allocated to non-European recognised NCAs. The priority list reads as follows: AUS, NZL*, USA*, CAN, NZL*, RSA*, RSA* (based upon Euro 2002), and then AUS, CAN, USA*, BAR*, JPN* (based upon Worlds 2003). The "*" indicates countries whose allocation, as before, depends on achieving recognised NCA status by the closing date, otherwise they have no allocation in this stage.

Stage 2 (iii) and beyond:
If there are still places available, then there are up to 7 places allocated, one each to GBR, ITA, FRA, ESP, CRO, GER, and DEN in that order.

Explanation: It is unlikely that there will be any places available by the time the system reaches stage 2(iii). But if there are, up to 7 places are allocated. After that, European Member NCAs which were not represented in the previous European championship, and those who have asked for additional places, are added to this list until all European Member NCAs reach their stage maximum allocation of 10 places (or the number they desire if less). It can be assumed that there will not be places available after this for non-European countries without a recognised NCA.

Implementation of the allocation scheme
IOMICA expects that the Euro 2004 Organising Committee will use this explanation of the allocation scheme when, following the closing date for entries, it allocates places to those NCAs who submit entries.
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