IOM Worlds Web Daily Bandwidth Exceeded

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Roy Thompson
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IOM Worlds Web Daily Bandwidth Exceeded

Post by Roy Thompson » 19 Sep 2005, 11:42

Does anyone have an alternative webpage for the IOM worlds?
The normal site is causing problems:

"Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable
Daily Bandwidth Exceeded"

Any ideas....
Roy Thompson

Andy Stevenson
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Post by Andy Stevenson » 19 Sep 2005, 13:10

Oops, someone's going to be embarrassed. 10 GB a day, must be all those photos. Shame, I was really enjoying that. Hanging on it's every update as it where.

I don't know of an alternative 'tho I'm afraid. Ho hum.
Andy Stevenson
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Post by Nigel » 19 Sep 2005, 13:48

Here is a message from down under:

19th September - IOM World Championship results - day 3 (pdf) Due to the large volume of traffic on the IOM World's website my 10 Gb bandwidth per day or 32,500 limit has been exceeded (main due to the amount of uploads of photos) My web space is being transferred to another server to handle the volume, this may take up to 24hrs apparently. Apologies for the inconvenience. Eddie Cowell

You can find the day 3 results at
Nigel Winkley
GER 87

nick lin
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Post by nick lin » 19 Sep 2005, 16:18

Some pix at and a link to radiosailing australia org for results after day 3 (see text after photo of spanish boat).


David Turton
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Web Site

Post by David Turton » 20 Sep 2005, 23:35

HI All,
Event is progressing well, completed 14 races, lay day todaY. The competition is opening up and it is close at the top.
photos of the event are best sourced from click on Peter Duncan Galleries, There are hundreds of images. Our webmaster is at the mercy of his provider and they are working to get the site online. Viewing photos on the above site will help with bandwidth issues.
We have a temporary site running with upt to date info but no pics at
The weather has been sunny with winds ranging from 0-40+knots and we have completed races with wind from all directions. Yesterday the breeze started out at 315 deg and went to 20 deg the long way around.
David Turton
IOMICA Treasurer

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