New V C Measurement

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IOMICA Chairman
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New V C Measurement

Post by Chairman » 22 Nov 2006, 08:32

VC Measurement
The executive committee has eventually found a candidate for the position of VC Measurement. Mike Eldred from USA has been co-opted to fill the position. Although the balance in the executive does not really reflect the international standing of our class, I think we are very lucky to have someone, of the caliber of Mike, prepared to join the executive and work for the benefit of all members.
I would like to ask Mike to formally accept the position and also provide a CV of his past experience (Mike don’t be shy everyone should be aware of the great experience in yachting you have and the value you will bring to our executive) and also post his commercial interests.
Greg Willis

P.S All members should be aware that we still need to fill committee positions and all help is very welcome.
IOMICA Executive

Mike Eldred
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V C Measurement

Post by Mike Eldred » 29 Nov 2006, 00:08

Hello my name is Mike Eldred. I have been a member of IOMICA sence
24 Nov. 2003. I sail USA IOM 242 presently. I am honored to asked to hold the VC Measurement position, and I will accept the position.
I joined AMYA in the Mid 70's and sailed M's, 36/600 and US One Meter.
I was employed in the Aerospace industry in the 70's working with
composites. I then went to work with Douglas Peterson Design in the 80's.
I began sailing bigger boats as the 80's went on. I did Transpac and Mexican races on the Lg. ultra light sleds and raced in the professional 50'
class. In 1990 I joined the America 3 America's cup team. I spent the next 13 yrs in the America's Cup world.
1992 America 3
1995 America 3 women's team
1996 Prada startup
2000 America One
2003 Oracle/BMW
I built boats for America 3, America One and did modifications and repairs on all teams I was on. My responsiblities included instulation and maintance of deck gear for all the teams.
I now spend my time modifying and repairing carbon racing boats. TP52's, maxi's etc.
The IOM class got my full intrest in 1998 in New Zealand. I met Martin
Firebrace and came to an agreement to manufacture the Ericca. This
last year I met and came to an agreement with Brad Gibson to manufacture the Disco.
I am not a high volume mass manufacturer. I operate my one man IOM
shop, building each boat by hand, in my free time only.

Thank you again for the invitation---Mike Eldred
Mike Eldred

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