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Riku Lindström
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Jib measurement

Post by Riku Lindström » 13 Jan 2018, 12:47

Hi all,

This question might be very trivial but we have a little bit of confusion with the jib measurement checklist points 79 and 80 (batten points) and 92 (leech stiffening zone).

First batten points: When jib has battens these points are obvious and easy to check. However if there are no battens on jib then the Class Rules point G.2.4 states that the batten point is a "line of minimum length 20mm marked on the leech". So one should draw a >20mm length line with inkpen or paint on the leech, right? The width of the line is not defined?

But then the leech stiffening zone (checklist point 92): We are a bit confused what is actually "primary reinforcement and/or stiffening" in the below:

Class Rules H.3.3, template positioning:
It shall be possible to place the template in a single position so that (1) its datum point is over the relevant batten point,
(2) its long edges cut the leech and
(3) it covers any primary reinforcement and/or stiffening.

For example: is the black patch in the attached picture a primary reinforcement or stiffening, and if yes, then is this sail not complying rules as the batten point should be between 205-235mm from clew point (this is C rig jib, batten point not drawn yet..)?
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Thanks in advance!

BR, Riku

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