How active are people here these days?

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Colin Helliwell
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How active are people here these days?

Post by Colin Helliwell » 12 Jun 2022, 18:54

I registered here some years ago re. getting a lowly project back on the water, but 'life' distracted me for some time, until this year. My local club are a fantastic bunch of ladies and gents, full of advice and welcoming-ness.
But always good to be able to pick people's brains any time of the week. I found most (.......!) of the people here helpful before, but there doesn't seem to be as much activity/posting these days?

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Olivier Cohen
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Re: How active are people here these days?

Post by Olivier Cohen » 13 Jun 2022, 09:33

Definitely !

It seems only IOMICA Exec is working here.

But if you have a question / project, we can try to publicize it through IOMICA's social media.
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Richard Moroney
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Re: How active are people here these days?

Post by Richard Moroney » 26 Jul 2022, 13:40

I look at this forum occasionally and tend to agree with your question.
The MYA seems to have a much more active forum and I regularly post and read articles and have found it extremely useful.
This is not intended as any criticism of the One Metre Association, it is just that, if you want active info; the MYA site is the one.
Have used for One Metre, Marblehead, 10R and also 6M topics and have always had useful replies.
Also applies to selling and buying.



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Josip Marasovic
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Re: How active are people here these days?

Post by Josip Marasovic » 22 Oct 2022, 21:13

Thanks for the feedback dear Richard, and yes, we are promoting IOM Forum more and more on our social media which is today's prevalent way of communication for IOM sailors worldwide. But, it seems that Forum will remain mostly to resolve technical questions and to run IOMICA with administrative and organizational actions (if this trend continues, and it seems it will). But, every question here remains for all future generations, easily accessible and well organized, so as Mr Olivier pointed out well, we can always help with some project if you fear Forum is not active enough for it.
Recently I started to notice new members registering here more and more following our status shares on the social media of IOMICA official and unofficial fan page (Facebook), however, they still seem reluctant to share their thoughts here compared to comments on social media.
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