hailing boats over early under the 2013-16 rules

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David Allsebrook
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hailing boats over early under the 2013-16 rules

Post by David Allsebrook » 14 Mar 2013, 18:34

Lester Gilbert has pointed out that hailing boat numbers one digit at a time can create confusion as to who is being hailed when a number of boats are being hailed and there is no requirement that all sail numbers be two digits. If the RC hails "over early nine, six, one, three, seven" was the first boat hailed number nine, number nine six, or number nine six one?
An answer might be to hail "over early boat nine six, boat one, boat three seven".
David A
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David Allsebrook

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Re: hailing boats over early under the 2013-16 rules

Post by Hiljoball » 15 Mar 2013, 01:08

The best suggestion I have seen is to use RECALL number, RECALL number. RECALL is the word used in the rule for individual recalls.

But that still does not address what to do for a similar string of numbers hailed by the RC at the finish line for a recorder to write down.

I have promoted (to the point of risking making myself unpopular) with my national executive, the executive of the IOMICA, and through contacts the executives of several other nations to lobby the IRSA/ISAF to rescind Appendix E 8.b.3 and go back to the two digit sail number standard.

Make noise!!!!

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David L Alston
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Re: hailing boats over early under the 2013-16 rules

Post by David L Alston » 16 Mar 2013, 00:55

How about not worrying about how your number is called and simply making a point of not being over the line.
In full size sailing no numbers are generally called, only a signal that someone was noted as being over.

You know when you are over, all you are doing is waiting to see if anybody else noticed and managed to get your number.

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