The World Council currently consists of the following NCAs:

ARG Nicolas Rosas rosasnicolas “at”
AUT Silvio Schedenig ncs “at”
AUS Glenn Dawson secretary “at”
BAR Tony Gonsalves bajansail03 “at”
BEL Kris Panis kpanis “at”
BRA Roberto Lindstaedt roberto.lindstaedt “at”
CAN Peter Grimm iomsecy “at”
CHI Pablo Walper pablowalper “at”
CRO Zoran Grubisa zoran “at”
DEN Soren Andresen soeren_andresen “at”
ESP Miguel Salvador msi10 “at”
FIN Riku Lindstrom riku.lindstrom “at”
FRA Olivier Cohen olivierfra3700 “at”
GBR James Hadden international-officer “at”
GER Marcus Stein iom “at”
IRL Jeff Kay J1Kay “at”
ISR Nir Shental nir “at”
ITA Paolo Patrini secretary “at”
JPN Hiroki Murokawa murokawa813 “at”
MAL Razali Bin Rashid razali.rashid “at”
MLT Ivan Zammit secretary.mmba “at”
NED Peter Fromberg voorzitter “at”
NOR Torvald Klem torvald.klem “at”
NZL Michael McLachlan mike “at”
POL Wiesław Rapacki apmv.secretaria “at”
POR Fernando Passeiro wrapacki “at”
PUR Cristian Plaza cristianpsc99 “at”
RSA Rob Hollister robh “at”
SUI Stephan Dassio contact “at”
SWE  Thomas Enwall thomas.enwall “at”
THA Mikael Pophillat pophillat.mikael “at”
TUR Levend Gurkan levend “at”
USA Fred Rocha frerocha “at”


Becoming an NCA / NCS

The International One Metre (IOM) class is unique within radio sailing to have its own International Class Association (ICA), other international classes being administered by the International Sailing Federation – Radio Sailing Division (ISAF – RSD) acting as the ICA. An ICA works by recognising a National Class Association (NCA) or a National Class Secretary (NCS) for each Country. Obviously, without a volunteer or two, neither of these can exist.

Section three of the International One Metre International Class Association (IOMICA) Regulations deals with appointing World Council members; among other things it requires that:

  • A registration fee of 50GBP is paid (This is currently waived).
  • A list of Registered Owners, Registered Boats, Certificated Owners, and Certificated Boats are provided.

The IOMICA Constitution section seven also requires that certain conditions are met:

  • There must be a minimum of five Registered Owners who are members of the NCA / NCS.
  • There must not already be an NCA / NCS accredited to the World Council.

IOMICA has produced two documents intended to help those interested in setting up and running a NCS / NCA in their country:

Appointment of NCA’s
Detailed Issues for an NCA

Once these have been read and digested it should be clear what is expected of an NCA / NCS. To then become recognised by IOMICA and take a seat on the World Council the prospective NCA / NCS will need to prepare a constitution and regulations that it will adhere to and submit them to IOMICA for approval. Once approval has been granted a Memorandum of Understanding is drawn up between the NCA / NCS and IOMICA.

MS Word templates for each of these are available for download:

NCA Constitution Template
NCA Regulations Template
Memorandum of Understanding Template

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact the IOMICA Secretary or any member of the Executive Committee. The IOMICA forum would also be an appropriate place to ask questions of the Executive Committee and existing NCA / NCS representatives.

Of the 116 Nations recognised in the Racing Rules of Sailing, 32 have recognised NCA / NCS representatives. At the time of writing no NCA / NCS exists for the following:

Algeria (ALG), American Samoa (ASA), Andorra (AND), Angola (ANG), Antigua (ANT) , Azerbaijan (AZE), Bahrain (BRN), Belarus (BLR), British Virgin Islands (IVB), Bulgaria (BUL), Cayman Islands (CAY),  China, PR (CHN), Chinese Taipei (TPE), Columbia (COL), Cook Islands (COK), Cuba (CUB), Cyprus (CYP), Czech Republic (CZE), Dominican Republic (DOM), Ecuador (ECU), Egypt (EGY), El Salvador (ESA), Estonia (EST), Fiji (FIJ), FYRO Macedonia (MKD), Greece (GRE), Grenada (GRN), Guam (GUM), Guatemala (GUA), Hong Kong (HKG), Iceland (ISL), India (IND), Indonesia (INA), Jamaica (JAM), Kazakhstan (KAZ), Kenya (KEN), Korea (KOR), Kuwait (KUW), Latvia (LAT), Lebanon (LIB), Libya (LBA), Liechtenstein (LIE), Lithuania (LTU), Luxembourg (LUX), Malaysia (MAS), Maurititius (MRI), Mexico (MEX), Micronesia (FSM), Moldova (MDA), Monaco (MON), Morocco (MAR), Myanmar (MYA), Namibia (NAM),  Antilles (AHO), Pakistan (PAK), Papua New Guinea (PNG), Paraguay (PAR), Peru (PER), Philippines (PHI), Poland (POL), Qatar (QAT), Romania (ROM), Russia (RUS), Samoa (SAM), San Marino (SMR), Seychelles (SEY), Singapore (SIN), Slovak Republic (SVK), Slovenia (SLO), Solomon Islands (SOL), Sri Lanka (SRI), St Lucia (LCA), Tahiti (TAH), Trinidad & Tobago (TRI), Tunisia (TUN), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Uruguay (URU), US Virgin Islands (ISV), Venezuela (VEN), Zimbabwe (ZIM)

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