CAN Resolution for changes to Class Rules

After some further consideration and discussion, the NCA for CAN wishes to withdraw it proposal to change Rule C.7.4.

Our intent was to tighten up the current rule and make it clearer that this dimension on any rig was not to change during an event. We still feel it is a fairly misunderstood rule and will use the Request For Interpretation process to attempt to get that clarification.

Barry Fox
IOM Class Secretary for CAN

2020 European Championship awarded to ITA. 2-10 October

On behalf of IOMICA I would like to thank both NCAs for there excellent bids. It truly has been a difficult decision for Scott and myself (Olivier  kindly stood aside due to conflict of interest).
The events committee felt that the bid from ITA NCA was the best all round bid, which presented competitors with a better race course with all possible wind directions. Another crucial part was the lower entrance fee (€380) offered and a better date moving the event away from the Marblehead worlds.
Although the FRA bid was a very good detailed bid we felt there was potential for a slightly restricted race course in certain wind conditions.
We would encourage a future bid from the FRA NCA with the proposed venue of Calais.

May I take this opportunity to offer our congratulations to the ITA NCA and we all forward to a great event at Orbetello with the agreed dates of 2-10 October 2020 which have been verified by IRSA.

Rob Walsh


IOM ICA 2019 AGM Agenda


1. Call to Order
2. Confirm Quorum
3. Approve Agenda
4. Declare Voting Strength
5. Election of Officers
(There were no nominations submitted for Executive Board positions)
6. Changes to the Class Rules to clarify the intent of CR C.7.4 — See Appendix A
6.1. Changes to the Class Rules to alleviate the ambiguity of the wording within C.7.4
pertaining to the +/- 5mm variation in height of the lower point of each rig.
7. Change wording within IOM CCR’s allowing multiple Continental Championships –
See Appendix B
7.1. Change wording within Class Championship Rules 4.2 to allow multiple Continental
Championships biennially in the year there is no World Championship
8. Treasurer’s report
9. Discussion from the Floor
10. Adjourn Meeting

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