IOM ICA 2016 AGM: Meeting Agenda.

1. Call To Order
2. Confirm Quorum
3. Approve Agenda
4. Declare Voting Strength
5. Changes to Class Rules – See Appendix A

5.1.  Ratify new IOM Class Rules helping to address new dating issues with ERS 2017-2020

6. Changes to Class Championship Rules -See Appendix B

6.1.    Proposal from the NZL NCA to modify the wording of Section #8 concerning alternative scoring systems to that offered by HMS

7. Treasurer’s Report
8. Discussion from the floor
9. Meeting Adjourned


IOM ICA 2016 AGM. Notice of Meeting

November 21st, 2016:
Resolutions for an ordinary or annual meeting of the World Councilshall be specified to the IOM ICA Secretary in writing at least 10 weeks before the meeting at which they are to be proposed.Sooner is better.  Continue reading

Message for Condolence. William J. Astbury

To our Global IOM Family

A message for Condolence

I was just notified that William J. Astbury, lifelong radio sailing enthusiast and South American Hall of Fame inductee, passed away today very unexpectedly.  William was father to the gifted sailor Denis Astbury,  accomplished IOM builder (BritPOP)  from Nautae Racing Model Yachts.  Please keep the Astbury family in your thoughts and prayers during this incredibly difficult time.

-Fred Rocha, IOM Chairman

Bids for IOM European championship 2018

Dear European NCA,

Usually, IOMICA events are awarded in January the year before the event.
To give more time to organizers to prepare the event, and let next organizers the possibility to see previous event, we would like to be able to award European Championship 2018 just before or during EC 2016.
So we ask NCAs who wish to organize this major IOMICA event to send me their bids June 13th 2016 latest.
Questionnaire to be filled and signed is available on IOMICA website together with Class Championship Rules.
Please ask if you have any question.
Best Regards
Olivier Cohen

European and World Rankings.

Thanks to Harry Drenth and we have updated those rankings based on top 4 events in last 10 years :
For Europeans between 2004 and 2014 (so 1 discard as no Europeans in 2006 )
For World championships between 2005 and 2015 (so 2 discards)
Congratulations to Brad Gibson !