The InfoComms sub-committee takes care of the IOMICA website and the forum.

Website (

The website is the official medium of communication of the IOMICA.

We ask webmasters of other sites to please link to official IOMICA documents on and not to host IOMICA documents on other sites.

Most documents that are intended for reading only (not editing) are in PDF format. For viewing PDF files you can download acrobat reader for free from Adobe.

Our website is hosted by Melbourne IT, AUS (, the web-server(Apache) runs on Red Hat Linux. Our host generates two different comprehensive statistics pages for us: 1 2 .

We would like our website to be readable by as many browsers as possible and from time to time we check the HTML with W3C’s markup validation service. If you find something that looks strange, email VCInfoComms. Valid HTML 4.01! Valid CSS!

Forum (

IOMICA hosts a discussion forum for all IOM Owners.

Separate discussion areas for the Executive Committee, the World Council, and the National Class Associations exist.

Our forum software is phpBB2.

FTP Areas

We do not allow file attachments to posts in the forum. For sharing files we use two FTP areas. One for the use of the Executive Committee and one for the World Council. Members have access to the FTP areas and instructions can be found in the Executive and World Council areas of the forum.


Two promotional leaflets have been developed. Both fit onto a single page of A4, two sides, plenty of colour photos. Edit them to suit your needs.

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