8 Oct 2005 Minutes, 2005 IOMICA World Council Meeting, Mooloolaba, Australia .

7 Aug 2005:

Documents in relation to the IOMICA World Council 2005 Annual General Meeting

22 May 2005:

An Annual General Meeting of the World Council will be held at the IOM World Championships, Mooloolaba, AUS, in September 2005. One of the main items on the agenda is the election of the IOMICA Executive Committee for 2005-2007. The key process is that IOMICA Officers are nominated for their positions by World Council members, and the World Council elects the Officers its Owners want from the list of nominations. NCA Representatives shall vote according to the ballot of their NCA membership (ie their IOM Owners). The detail of the process will be similar to that used at the IOM Worlds 2003 at Vancouver. Please note that the closing date for nominations is 9 July 2005.

The IOMICA Executive Officers Election Procedure document, the Candidate form, and the Nominater form have been updated.

22 May 2005:

The voting strengths at the upcoming 2005 Annual General Meeting of the World Council are determined by the number of registered(ordinary resolutions) and certificated(special resolutions, eg. Class Rule changes) owners for each NCA (IOMICA regulations 4.13)

We have compiled a VERY PRELIMINARY list of the world council members and voting strenghts based on the owner lists IOMICA has received:
IOMICA World Council 2005 Annual General Meeting: Membership and Voting Strength (Preliminary, 2005 May 22)

Most of the owner lists we have right now are old and not complete. Our regulations provide for the submission of owner lists from NCAs a minimum of four weeks before the meeting. We thus ask all NCAs to submit up to date owner lists before the 18th of August 2005.

Very few of the owner lists submitted thus far by NCAs are clear enough for us to make a final judgement of voting strength. If certification status is not indicated or unclear we cannot make a decision on the number of certificated owners ! (thus many missing numbers in the preliminary table above). Please make sure that in addition to listing owners and their status the lists should clearly state the number of registered owners and the number of certificated owners. These numbers must not contain duplicates, i.e..
one registered owner owning multiple boats = one registered owner, and
one owner owning multiple certificated boats = one certificated owner.

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