There has been talk about setting a more fixed time frame for holding our AGMs and to try to stay away from holding them in conjunction with any actual regattas. Looking back through the history of these meetings it is fairly obvious that physical attendance at them is very small and that the time allotted to hold the meeting looks to be rushed at best when they are held in conjunction with major events.

By moving toward setting a more regular date to hold the meetings it should help people get used to a regular cycle where certain things happen at about the same time every year.

We have conducted an informal poll of all the World Council members to determine the support for the timing of these meetings into the future. The direction that is supported is to aim for the first half of November each year.

For this year the date would be November 15th. It will be an “electronic” only meeting.

 Backing up from that date to hit the deadlines imposed by our Regulations we get:

September 6 – Deadline for – Resolutions for an ordinary or annual meeting of the World Council shall be specified to the IOM ICA Secretary in writing at least 10 weeks before the meeting at which they are to be proposed.

September 20 – Deadline for – At least 8 weeks notice in writing shall be given of any ordinary or annual World Council meeting by the IOM ICA Secretary to the members of the World Council, together with a copy of the agenda for the meeting and of any resolutions which are to be proposed at the meeting.

October 18 – Deadline for – Four (4) weeks before any meeting of the World Council, Member NCAs and NCSs shall declare in writing to the IOM ICA Secretary, by boat number and owner’s name, the Registered Owners, Registered Boats, Certificated Owners, and Certificated Boats that the Member NCA or NCS represents.

So those are the targets for this year. This notice is not an official Notice of Meeting. That will be sent to the NCA representatives as outlined above. This does give everyone a chance to formulate any proposed Rule, Regulation or Constitution changes or any other business that needs to be planned. Those are to be submitted via a recognized NCA and their representative.

Barry Fox
IOM ICA Secretary

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