Request for IOM Class Rules Interpretation from Zvonko Jelacic, commercail builder:

Having in mind recent discussion on IOM ICA Forum and rumors that one paneled sails made by me and used by (CRO 35 – all three rigs (main sail and jib), CRO 89 – all three rigs (main sail and jib), CRO 71 – No 1 rig (main sail and jib), CRO 80 – No 1 jib, CRO 44 – No 1 jib, ISR 37 – No 1 jib, ISR 55 – No 1 jib) may be not in accordance with IOM Class Rules, I officially asking for interpretation of the IOM Class Rules, edition 2011 regarding one panel sails made by applying force and heat for making proper shape and camber.

Sails which I have made are soft sails, single ply sails made of one panel. They don’t have any seams so I assumed that IOM Class Rule G.3.2 and G.42. are not applicable and all relevant measures sated in IOM Class Rule G.3.3 and G.4.3 are satisfied. Camber (fullness) of the sails has been achieved by heating them over the purposely made mould. I don’t see any problem with using heat and/or force for making my sails because sailmaking process using joined panels (parts) of the sail already use:

– Buying of sail material (nominally flat) which has been made by using extreme heat and/or force

– Buying of already deformed sail material (probably by using force and/or heat)
– Heat and force for punching the cringles on the corners of sail
– Sealing of edges of sails
– Sails are intentionally or unintentionally heated and distorted outside on sunny day or during transportation in heated vehicle

– Sails are intentionally or unintentionally re-shaped by force when crease occurs

Also, various forces and/or heating (not specifically mentioned in the IOM Class Rules) are commonly used for making various parts of the boat (hull moulding may be heating for better mechanical properties, hooks may be heated prior bending, etc) and I strongly believe that purpose of “the closed class rules principle” is not to deal with “how to do something”.

I am ready to provide any additional information to body which will decide on the asked interpretation.

Best regards
Zvonko Jelacic


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