World Council Members:

Please find the attached 2018 Annual General Meeting ballot results spreadsheet reflecting both the voting strength of the individual NCA’s and their cast ballots.  It should be noted that the resolution focusing on increased financial transparency received overwhelming support from everyone (95%), whereas the topic of a more concise format for future European Championships was defeated by just a narrow margin (10%). Clearly this is a topic for further discussion.

We have a couple of issues that were brought forth by Gavin Watson from GBR as discussions from the floor that need to be addressed (posted within the attached Agenda).  The first topic deals with a resolution that was approved in last year’s 2017 AGM (presented by Barry Fox of CAN) requesting the development of a subcommittee to evaluate and potentially modernize the language used within our IOM Constitution and IOM Regulation documents.  Clearly the Ex. Board needs to recruit a point person that can chair this subcommittee and build a team to help initiate this undertaking.  At minimum, a status report on the progress of this recruiting effort should be initiated to the World Council before the end of Q1 2019.

The second topic Gavin raised deals with the calendar dates surrounding the IOM AGM itself. In short, finding a window that works for both the Northern and Southern hemisphere skippers, that doesn’t conflict with summer holidays and festive times as well.  I will have to consult the other member of the Ex.Board before replying formally to this request, but see no reason that the initiation date for the 2019 IOM AGM can’t be filed at least six months prior to the formal announcement of the AGM.  At minimum, a status report on the 2019 AGM Announcement Date should be initiated to the World Council before the end of Q1 2019.

I personally wanted to thank everyone involved in this 2018 IOM AGM for their resolution submissions, their NCA reports, and their returned ballots.  As stated, the IOM Financial Report will be filed shortly, and I will forward a copy of that document. If there are any questions or concerns about any of the attachments, please feel free to contact me. 

Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year.
With Kindest Regards,
Gary Boell
IOM ICA Secretary

Ballot results .

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