1. Call to Order
2. Confirm Quorum
3. Approve Agenda
4. Declare Voting Strength (Updated and attached for your review; download pdf file)
5. Election of Officers (2020 = even year = non-voting year)
6. Proposal to amend the IOM Class Rules regarding Sail Identification       <PASSED>
7. Proposal to amend the IOM Class Rules related to optional mast fittings <PASSED>
8. Proposal to amend the IOM Class Rules related to hull materials             <FAILED>
9. Proposal to amend the IOM Class Rules related to class insignia             <PASSED>
9.1 A brief note of apology to Mr. Martin Roberts (GBR) for the oversite in the listing of both European and World Champions for missing his victory in St. Cyr FRA in 2000. This has been corrected and updated.
10. Proposal to amend the IOM Class Standard Sailing Instructions             <PASSED>
11. Treasurer’s report : download pdf file
11.1 Sean Wallis (AUS) graciously accepted IOMICA’s request to assume the role of interim Class Treasurer from David Turton. The Executive Board would like to thank David for his years of volunteerism and support in this role and are looking forward to nominations in the 2021 election cycle for a permanent replacement.
In the interim, Sean has provided detailed Balance Sheets and Profit Loss Statements for 2018, 2019, and 2020. These statements should provide total transparency regarding account activity within our class.
12. Discussion from the Floor
12.1 Gavin Watson (GBR) requested an update concerning the status of a motion passed in 2017 – To Formalize a Review of the Constitution and Regulations. At the time this resolution was passed, Barry Fox (CAN) was going to help orchestrate the review – but didn’t want to formally chair the subcommittee in the process. Without Barry’s driving force behind this initiative, we clearly need some new volunteers willing to assist in undertaking this task.
12.2 There is a current evaluation being undertaken to freshen IOMICA’s webpage. We should have direction on this study by the end of the year, so I will post another update on our progress shortly.
12.3 If there are any other topics to be added to the Discussions from the Floor portion of our AGM, please send me an email ( and I will get them added to the agenda and circulated to the World Council straight away.
13. Adjourn Meeting

Pdf files: Meeting Agenda . Voting strength. Treasurer’s report.


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