Bids for IOM European championship 2018

Dear European NCA,

Usually, IOMICA events are awarded in January the year before the event.
To give more time to organizers to prepare the event, and let next organizers the possibility to see previous event, we would like to be able to award European Championship 2018 just before or during EC 2016.
So we ask NCAs who wish to organize this major IOMICA event to send me their bids June 13th 2016 latest.
Questionnaire to be filled and signed is available on IOMICA website together with Class Championship Rules.
Please ask if you have any question.
Best Regards
Olivier Cohen

The new is based on WordPress

Welcome to the new IOMICA website. It’s based on WordPress, and we hope it’s going to be as good or better than the old site!

We will be adding all the content of the old site within the next weeks.

Anders Wallin