IOMICA Chairmans Report 2001-2003

IOMICA-RSD Press Release 2003 Oct 23

IOMICA-RSD agreement about the IOM Class 2003 Oct 23

IOMICA Progress Report 2003 Jan 22

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Letter from GBR 2002 Mar 26

Response to first letter from GBR

Response to second letter from GBR 2002 Nov 27

IOMICA Progress Report 2001 Sep 20

IOMICA Progress Report 2001 Oct 26

The ISAF-RSD first announced their desire to encourage the formation of an IOM class association at the 1999 IOM World Championship in Malta.

The formation of an IOM ICA was first seriously discussed at a meeting at the IOM European Championship at St Cyr in 2000, under a group headed by Chris Jackson. The initial groundwork was done and this group reported back to the skippers who were present at the 2001 IOM World Championship in Omisalj. At this meeting an interim committee was formed to bring the IOM ICA into existence by early 2002. Inevitable delays attended the formation of national class associations, explained to the sailors who attended the IOM ICA meeting at the 2002 European Championship in Fleetwood.

In 1999 the process of forming an ICA for the IOM Class began. In 2000 a committee was formed which started the preparation of the Class constitution and other documents. In 2001 an interim Executive was voted in at the IOM World Championship in Croatia.

In June of 2003 at the IOM World Championship in Canada, an election was held under the rules previously formulated. The newly elected inaugural Executive Committee manages the day to day business of the IOM ICA and answers to the IOM ICA World Council. The formal recognition of the IOM ICA by the RSD on behalf of ISAF was executed on 23 October 2003.

The ISAF-RSD recognised IOMICA as the IOM International Class Association on 23 October 2003.

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