International One Metre
International Class Association

 Special Executive Council Meeting


 Meeting Called To Order: July 19, 2009

In Attendance: Olivier Cohen, Pedro Egea, David Turton, Barry Fox

For this meeting Olivier Cohen was appointed to act as Chairman. The meeting was held electronically.


To resolve the processes to be used in assigning the voting strength of each National Class Association (NCA) and to apply those processes to the input received by the responding NCAs in connection with the IOMICA 2009 AGM held during the 2009 World Championship Regatta in the Barbados.


To use the terms stated in the IOMICA Regulations (dated September 2008) that govern how the results of an NCA’s internal Owner ballot controls the use of any NCA Vote in response to World Council Resolutions. Specifically, Section 4.19 which states:

4.19. Where a resolution has been put to Certificated Owner or Registered Owner ballot by a Member NCA or Member NCS, the Member NCA or the Member NCS shall vote on the resolution in the World Council strictly according to the outcome of such owner ballot.

It is further understood that the meaning of this Regulation is that, within the Owner ballot outcome for an individual NCA, the words “strictly according to the outcome of such owner ballot� imply that a simple plurality of owner votes for any resolution, including those for election of Officers, requires that the full voting strength of that NCA, for the purposes of voting at a World Council meeting, be assigned to the choice given that enjoys that plurality. In the case that there is an absolute tie resulting from the Owner ballot, the NCA’s voting strength will be equally divided among the choices directly involved in such a tie.

Motion: Barry Fox

Seconded: Olivier Cohen

Motion carried unanimously.

Meeting adjourned: July 22, 2009

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