International One Metre
International Class Association

 Special Executive Council Meeting


Meeting Called to Order July 25, 2009

In Attendance: Olivier Cohen, Pedro Egea, David Turton, Barry Fox  

For this meeting Olivier Cohen was appointed to act as Chairman. The meeting was held electronically.  


To review and vote to accept/reject the 2009 election results.


Following the announced election results derived from the 2009 WC AGM, there was some question regarding how the individual NCA vote counts and directions on how to apply their allocation of votes derived from owner counts were applied.

All NCAs were asked to resubmit their owner vote counts and confirm their understanding of how their owner strength vote allocation should be applied. A July 24th deadline was set for those to be returned.

Subsequently, we were notified that the posted results were not counted exactly as the some of the NCAs may have wished them to be.

All of the NCAs, who had submitted vote counts previously, supplied their counts again or communicated that the previously submitted information was still correct.

The indisputably elected 2009 Executive Council members met separately and unanimously passed a motion to count the votes as prescribed in Regulation 4.19 with a clarification on how they understand that to be applied. While this may seem to be somewhat secretive it was also meant to appear independent.

In order to be as sure as would be practical that the results of the election would be consistent regardless of counting methods used, the votes were counted utilizing Regulation 4.19 as understood, using the 2008 Resolutions as understood, and using the specific allocations as submitted by the participating NCAs. In each of these cases there is some minor variance in the actual count totals but the results are consistent across all methods.

None of the NCAs who had not supplied owner voting results in time for the 2009 AGM responded to the second request for results.


Following the resubmission of owner voting and taking into account the motion passed on July 22, 2009, the results of the election of officers for 2009 – 2011 are as follows:

  • Chairman:  
    • Alfonso Moreno         39
    •  Bruce Andersen         34
    •  Alfonso Moreno Elected


  • VC Technical:    
    •  Robert Grubisa           44.5
    • Val Provoost                       28.  
    •                           Robert Grubisa Elected


Therefore, the slate of officers for 2009-2011 are:

 Chairman                                                       Alfonso Moreno

Secretary                                                       Barry Fox

Treasurer                                                     David Turton.

VC Events                                                     Olivier Cohen

VC Technical                                           Robert Grubisa

VC Infocomms                                 Pedro Egea

VC Measurement                     Vacant


Moved By:                 Barry Fox

Seconded By:       Pedro Egea

 No further discussion was held.

 The motion is passed unanimously.

 Meeting Closed July 26, 2009

 Submitted By:

Barry Fox


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