Following the 2009 AGM the results of the election for Executive positions was announced with Bruce Andersen named as Chairman and Robert Grubisa as VC Technical.

The balance of the positions were either uncontested or there were no nominations. The uncontested nominations were David Turton (Treasurer), Olivier Cohen (VC Events), Pedro Egea (VC Infocomms) and Barry Fox (Secretary). There was no candidate for VC Measurement.

Subsequently, there was some question concerning the allocation of votes that was applied for countries that held multiple electoral votes. There was also discussion about what rules actually governed how those votes should be applied.

It was also generally accepted that the four uncontested Executive positions were not in question and were elected by acclamation and not subject to review.

Within days, Bruce Andersen asked that all NCAs re-submit their owner voting results to me and that I would gather their input for how they felt their votes should be applied. A deadline of July 24th was set for that re-submission process.

Although the VC Technical position was settled by a wide margin, a decision was made to re-count both of the positions which were actually voted for.

 In the next days Anders Wallin (who had done most of the original vote allocation) stated that he had not carried out the allocation correctly and submitted a revised count.

In the end that opens the door for three different methods of allocating those votes. The Regulations, under section 4.19, state one method. A pair of resolutions were voted on in 2004 that provide a slightly different allocation method and there was also some belief that each NCA should have the authority to state how their votes are to be allocated.

 The four Executive members who were elected by acclamation met via email and other electronic means. Olivier Cohen was appointed as Acting Chairman for these meetings only. A decision was taken to utilize the published 4.19 Regulation with the understanding that the results of an individual NCA owner vote would be used to allocate all of the votes available to that NCA to the winning candidate for that owner vote. The final results were reviewed by these four members as well.

 By July 24th, 2009 all of the NCAs who had voted at the AGM did respond and indicate how they would prefer their allocated votes to be used. Only one NCA expressly assigned their votes proportionally according to their owner vote. The balance all assigned their votes completely to the winning candidate based on their owner vote. In one case, for the VC Technical position, there was an exact tie, and in that case the vote assignment was divided equally to both candidates.

 As a matter of interest, and to confirm that any of the three methods would return a similar result, the spreadsheet containing the re-counted results has three tabs to it.

  • They contain the results of applying – Regulation 4.19 as the panel from the Executive had unanimously agreed to follow,  
  •  applying the formulas and direction according to the 2004 Resolutions, and
  •  applying the votes as directed by the individual NCAs

As I was originally asked to conduct the recount, I will take this opportunity to thank the various NCAs for carrying out their part of the request on time so that the recount is complete.

Equally, as I was asked to conduct the recount, on behalf of myself and with the concurrence of the three other Executive Council members I consulted along the way, the results of the 2009 Election, exercising Regulation 4.19, are as follows:

  • Chairman: Alfonso Moreno 39 Bruce Andersen 34
    • Alfonso Moreno is elected.
  • Vice Chairman Technical: Robert Grubisa 44.5 Val Provoost 28.5
    • Robert Grubisa is elected.

All of the uncontested positions remain as declared at the 2009 AGM.

The spreadsheet containing the results can be downloaded here.

 The minutes of the Special Executive Council Meetings, July 22 and July 25 have been published .

The minutes of the AGM will also be revised to reflect these results. These minutes will be considered to be a draft until the next opportunity to have the World Council approve them.

In addition, postings with links will be put on the IOMICA website so that everyone can view all the appropriate documents.

It is clear that we have some work to do in order that our processes, rules and regulations are much clearer regarding how we operate our organization.

Submitted by Barry Fox,
IOMICA Secretary

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