Following up on the request of the owners to find out more about a direct class affiliation with ISAF, we have found out that the timing of the next opportunity to have an affiliation approved is November 5th, 2009. The deadline for a submission that would put us on the agenda for this meeting was August 2, 2009. If we are not on the agenda this year then the next opportunity appears to be in one year’s time.

We know that the owners have not granted permission to carry out the affiliation as part of their approved request, but it is necessary to take the first step of making a formal submission to gain access to more detailed, formal information.

Therefore we have made a submission to ISAF   to consider us for direct affiliation but have done so on the basis of receiving approval to do so from our owners prior to the November 5th meeting.

As soon as we confirm a few more details, that information will be posted on the Forum to form the basis for a factual discussion about what direct affiliation will mean. There will also be a notice of meeting, within the framework of the time we have available and by the limits imposed by our governing documentation, sent to all NCAs to conduct an owner vote based on a more detailed description of what affiliation means to all of us in terms of financial and other commitments.

It should be clear to everyone that the reason why we are sufficiently prepared to take this bold step forward has a lot to do with the groundwork done by the previous Executive and predominantly by Bruce Andersen. Without that work, the contacts made with ISAF and some preliminary gathering of opinion and data we would not be able to even think about moving forward this quickly.

The possibility of gaining approval as early as November is quite real. At the same time if there is sufficient opinion that we are not ready, and that is shown by the vote that will be taken, then we will postpone the application and have it ready, with our owners approval, for the next opportunity to apply.
Barry Fox
IOMICA Secretary

Documentations:    Brief explication to the owners.       Submission to ISAF

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