Special General Meeting dealing with a decision regarding pursuing ISAF International Class   status for the IOM class.

The Special General Meeting will take place electronically and it will be at the end of day on October 31th.

Each NCA has until 3 October to submit Certificated Owners   List to confirm voting strength.

The meeting will consist of voting on the resolution showing in the agenda.

International One Metre International Class Association (IOM ICA)
Special General Meeting Agenda October 31, 2009

To vote on a resolution that will determine if IOM ICA will pursue becoming a directly affiliated ISAF International Class.

For the purposes of this vote, the question deals with moving ahead in time for this year’s ISAF meeting on November 5th, 2009.

This will be considered a Special Resolution and will require a 2/3 (67%) majority to proceed with the
ISAF application………(download the whole Agenda)

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