The results of the Election for Executive positions.

Following the 2009 AGM the results of the election for Executive positions was announced with Bruce Andersen named as Chairman and Robert Grubisa as VC Technical.

The balance of the positions were either uncontested or there were no nominations. The uncontested nominations were David Turton (Treasurer), Olivier Cohen (VC Events), Pedro Egea (VC Infocomms) and Barry Fox (Secretary). There was no candidate for VC Measurement.

Subsequently, there was some question concerning the allocation of votes that was applied for countries that held multiple electoral votes. There was also discussion about what rules actually governed how those votes should be applied.

Exec Update

Technical The AGM resolutions that require RSD ratification are with the Exec for proof reading, they’ll be sent shortly. Events Bruce and the ESC are busy with arrangements for the Worlds 2009 in Barbados. An application for 2011 has been received from GBR and looks very promising. I’m hopeful that it’ll be accepted reasonably soon.

Exec Update

It’s been some time since I last wrote, frankly there hasn’t been much to say & I’m not sufficiently time rich to write a monthly missive about nothing. Bruce and the ESC continue to work with CRO towards getting everything in place for the Europeans and it’s shaping up well. The Exec are discussing the

Exec update

Events The ESC has accepted the bid for the 2008 European Championships from CRO and we’re looking forward to an excellent event. The IOMICA CCR are in the process of being updated with the changes from the AGM and will be released shortly. There are other events around the world that are open to international

Exec Update

General David T has been able to contact Rob O’Brian and we’re hopeful that he will take up the Secretary’s position in the near future. Thank you to those people that offered to take on the role, or help out in the interim. It’s good to see people willing to take part & pick up

Exec Update

Things have become a little hectic since the World Championships, a consequence of this has been a lack of Exec updates from me. I apologise, it had been my intention to continue them as Chairman and I will endeavour to do better from now on. The Exec has been attempting a smooth change over, not

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