The AGM resolutions that require RSD ratification are with the Exec for proof reading, they’ll be sent shortly.


Bruce and the ESC are busy with arrangements for the Worlds 2009 in Barbados. An application for 2011 has been received from GBR and looks very promising. I’m hopeful that it’ll be accepted reasonably soon.

World Council

Despite the fact that we seem to have only just completed an AGM, another is looming! The ESC is arranging a date during the Worlds to hold this year’s AGM, notice will go out soon but it’s worth starting to think about resolutions now. It’s also worth remembering that the Executive Officers positions are due for election this year. I’d be very pleased to see some competition for the Exec jobs and I’m very keen to seen each Exec Officers role filled with someone motivated to make a contribution.

The various sub committees are also under staffed, let the VCs know if you feel you can help out.

Andy Stevenson
GBR 1779
IOMICA Chairman

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