It’s been some time since I last wrote, frankly there hasn’t been much to say & I’m not sufficiently time rich to write a monthly missive about nothing.

Bruce and the ESC continue to work with CRO towards getting everything in place for the Europeans and it’s shaping up well.

The Exec are discussing the format for this years AGM, the consensus if for an electronic format. Details will follow.

The fact that the Exec and World Council are quiet would suggest that the majority of IOM owners are content with the Class as it is. The individuals that contact me, however, seem to have a different view; apparently there are issues that the class really ought to address and IOMICA is here to address them.

There have been a number of issues that I’ve thought to be of particular interest and have brought to the attention of the various sub committees, however it has been the opinion of the majority of the Exec that without input from owners, via the World Council, there is no mandate for action. This is, after all, how an ICA works, on behalf of its members, if those members aren’t asking for anything then they must be happy.

I don’t necessarily agree with this position, but again, it’s a situation at the control of our members; if there are issues you think the Exec needs to address then start making some noise.

Those among you that do think action is needed, talk to your sailing buddies, gather some support and contact you NCA / NCS. The AGM is coming up & now is the time to address the issues that concern you.

Andy Stevenson
IOMICA Chairman

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