September 6, 2015:
Resolutions for an ordinary or annual meeting of the World Council shall be specified to the IOM ICA Secretary in writing at least 10 weeks before the meeting at which they are to be proposedSooner is better.

September 20, 2015:
At least 8 weeks’ notice in writing shall be given of any ordinary or annual World Councilmeeting by the IOM ICA Secretary to the members of the World Council, together with acopy of the agenda for the meeting and of any resolutions which are to be proposed at themeeting

October 18, 2015:
Four (4) weeks before any meeting of the World Council, Member NCAs and NCSs shall declare in writing to the IOM ICA Secretary, by boat number and owner’s name, theRegistered Owners, Registered Boats, Certificated Owners, and Certificated Boats that theMember NCA or NCS represents

November 22. 2015:
Meeting Day. The meeting is virtually all about totaling any votes submitted and reporting the outcome.

Note that this is also an election year and any and all positions are available for nominations to be submitted. Those nominations must be submitted by the closing date for resolutions so that the names can be published in the Agenda that will follow 2 weeks later. Also note that all current incumbent position holders may stand for re-election but there will be a vacancy at the Secretary position.

Barry Fox
Secretary IOM ICA

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