2015 IOM ICA AGM: Voting Results

Please find here the results of voting from this year’s Annual General Meeting. All Executive positions were decided by acclamation with only one candidate nominated for each position. Resolution 6.1, ratifying the emergency Class Rule change, is passed Resolution 7.1, proposing a change to scoring system used for International Championships, is defeated Resolution 7.2, affecting judging

2015 IOM ICA AGM – Voting Strength

Based on the reported owner counts from most countries, attached is the list showing the counts and the resulting voting strength for the upcoming AGM voting. You will note two countries shown in yellow. Those countries reported late and will not participate in the voting. Remember that as described in the Constitution and Regulations, the in

2015 IOM ICA AGM : Nomination for Secretary.

IOM ICA has received a nomination for the position of Secretary following the deadline for nominations. Because there were no nominations for that position (the current Secretary is not standing for re-election) a proposal to accept this nomination was sent to all World Council members. There was no opposition to doing that received by the