Following the recent review of travel restrictions in place on member NCAs a request was placed on the NCAs to state if the review of the travel restrictions in place were interpreted correctly by the IOMICA VC Events team.

The date for stating an objection has now passed. IOMICA would like to thank all the NCAs who have responded supporting the proposal to proceed with the IOM World Championship, this has shown clear support to recommence international racing.

The THA NCA have responded with clarification of their travel restrictions, which they inform can change at very short notice and requires short-term isolation in a quarantine hotel on return to THA whilst awaiting test results and a two-week stay if testing positive.

With this in mind, it was the VC events team opinion that due to the travel restrictions in place the event should be cancelled. However, the THA NCA have stated they wish for the event to go ahead as travel is possible from THA for this we thank them for their support and understanding. We would also like to thank the Marblehead and Ten Rater International Class Association (MICA and TICA) for their continued understanding and cooperation.

Therefore IOMICA is pleased to announce the 2022 World Championship will take place in Rogoznica, Croatia 27th October to 4th November.

A provisional Notice of Race will be published by the event organisers shortly.

Furthermore, IOMICA welcomes bids to host continental championships in 2023, submissions to be completed using the events questionnaire and returned by 3rd July.

– Rob Walsh

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