2022 IOM World Championship: Bids

Bids are now welcomed to host the IOM World Championship 2022, bids must be submitted no later the 31st December.
Rob Walsh

2021 IOM World Championship: Bids

IOMICA is welcoming bids to host the next IOM World Championship in 2021.
Bids are welcome up to and inclusive of 30th April 2020.
Bids to be submitted using the current questionnaire template.
Please send bids to vcevents”at”iomclass.org .
Rob Walsh
VC Events

2019 IOM WC: Entry Deadline is May 15th 2019

I wanted to send a reminder that the submission deadline for the 2019 IOM World Championship is coming up on May 15th, so please collect and submit your country’s entries by that  date for consideration.  I have attached both a .docx and .pdf version of the individual skipper registration for reference, and would encourage each of you to circulate the event website within your own IOM groups.  The event website can  be found at www.2019iomworlds.com.

With Kindest Regards,
Gary Boell
IOM ICA Secretary

IOM-WCR-2019-Entry-Form-Brazil Worlds (pdf)

IOM-WCR-2019-Entry-Form-1-1-(doc file)



2019 IOM World Championship awarded to Brazil.

IOM World Championship 2019 has been awarded to Brazil (Porto Alegre).
Event from November 15th to 23rd.
Thanks to Italy and Great Britain for their great bids as well and for the work done.
O. Cohen

2019 World Championship: Deadline for bids

Deadline for bids for Worlds 2019 was last Friday September 15th, and nothing was received.
We know that some countries are working on a bid but couldn’t be ready on time.
Deadline is postponed to October 27th.
Thanks to all NCAs interested to confirm their will before this date.
Questionnaire available on IOMICA website
Olivier Cohen