World Council

The WC AGM has been officially announced, all NCA representatives should have received an email with the agenda attached. The announcement has also been posted on the IOMICA web site and forum. The agenda can also be downloaded from the web site.

The forum polling system isn’t sufficient for our needs. There is now a template submission form, a template voting form and instructions available for download from the IOMICA website. Please contact a member of the Exec if you have problems with either the forms or process.

NCA’s are reminded that they should provide up to date owners lists for calculating voting strength by 21 August as per regulation 4.9.


The Exec has been corresponding with ISAF-RSD to ensure a smooth process post AGM for Class Rule Changes. To this end Robert Grubisa, RSD Technical Chairman was very helpful in developing the final Exec rule changes proposed as AGM resolutions.

The Exec is grateful to Robert for his efforts, he was in no way obliged to help in this manner and his input has been most useful.


The French application for a World Championships 2007 has been confirmed and work continues to ensure the process is a smooth as possible.


Continuing efforts have been made by our Treasurer, David Turton, to collect outstanding fees for Euro 2004 from ESP, unfortunately with little success. The Treasurers report has been prepared for presentation to the WC at the AGM.

Andy Stevenson
GBR 1779
IOMICA Secretary

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