9 Oct 2006: 2006 IOMICA World Council AGM Minutes

1 Oct 2006: Voting for the 2006 AGM has now closed and the Executive committee is working on the minutes of the meeting, which will be published shortly.

During the period between 1 Aug 2006 and 18 Sep 2006 we expect all NCAs to carry out owner ballot.

NCAs submit the results of owner ballot to IOMICA between 18 Sep 2006 and 25 Sep 2006.

  • Votes received (green if OK):
    (11 out of the 27 World Council members must vote in order to reach the 40% quorum, Regulation 4.15)
    FRA, FIN, POR, VCTechnical, VCInfocomms, VCEvents, GBR, AUS, Secretary, Treasurer, DEN, VCMeasurement, CAN, Chairman, ARG, USA, NZL , RSA, NOR, CRO, GER, IRL

Passed class rule changes are then submitted to ISAF-RSD for approval and will become effective 90 days after the meeting.

All IOM skippers: contact your NCA to learn how _you_ can vote !

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