World Council

The AGM has now concluded, the minutes can be downloaded from the IOMICA Website. There is a thread in the public forum for comments on how the AGM went. Your opinions on what went well, what could be improved or how the Exec ran the AGM in general would be much appreciated.

A formal request to RSD for ratification of the CR changes is currently being edited and the CCR will be updated with the passed resolutions shortly.


Roy Thompson has tendered his resignation as VC Measurement. This is a sad loss to the Exec and we are considering options for his replacement currently with a view to having someone in place soon. If anyone has an interest in the position or serving on the measurement sub committee please let a member of the Exec know.

Tentative discussions have taken place within the Exec surrounding measurement issues, particularly self certification for sail makers.


The French application for a World Championships 2007 is shaping up well. The ESC is hopeful that this will go ahead as planned. There has been a good deal of speculation within the IOM community surrounding the event. To be clear, nothing is official yet, the NOR is still being refined and there has been no announcement.

The ESC is confident that an official announcement from IOMICA and YCPR jointly will happen very soon.

Andy Stevenson
GBR 1779
IOMICA Secretary

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