World Council

NCA Annual reports have started to trickle in, ok I’ve had one. But it’s a start. There’s a message on the World Council Forum, reminders will go out after January. Once they’re all in we can finalise the IOMICA Annual Report.

The ESP NCA has settled the debt for the Acros Euro Championships and has been restored to the World Council. An official announcement will be issued shortly.

The Exec has announced an application for the NCA for NED, see the website.






HMS has been revised by Peter Stollery to include 6 boat promotions; this will be the format for the World Championships. Work continues to ensure the SSI and other documentation is up to date and ready for the event.


We’ve been experiencing problems with the web site, although the forum continues to function. We’re now back up and running and now runs a Content Management System called WordPress. We hope it will make it easier for the InfoComms and Executive to keep the site updated, and also allow easier navigation for users. Feedback is welcome.

Andy Stevenson
GBR 1779
IOMICA Secretary

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