World Council

The successful application of NED for NCA status brings the World Council membership to 21, an application from MLT is hopefully imminent.

The Exec has officially announced the return of ESP to the World Council.

RSD has responded to the request for ratification of the AGM resolutions, we’re confident that an amicable solution can be reached and an announcement will happen soon.

NCA Annual reports are starting to pick up a little pace; there are still 13 to go.






The events sub committee is working diligently with YCPR to translate and publish HMS 2007 and the Sailing Instructions for the World Championships. We have received 4 applications from skippers not represented by NCA’s for our 10 guest spots.


The website is now fully functional on WordPress, it’s certainly making updates easier and we’ve had no negative feedback yet.

Andy Stevenson
GBR 1779
IOMICA Secretary

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