A revised 2012 Measurement Form along with three other associated documents is posted.   The revised Measurement Form with its name changed to Certification Control Form is effective from 1st August 2012.

The purpose of the revision is to simplify the form for English as a second language measurers and reduce the amount of paper required to be transmitted by the owner to the National Association when a boat is in the process of certification and also the amount of paper that has to be retained by the NCA in its records.

The previous forms consisted of six letter size pages.   The new form – Certification Control Form – reduces this to one page.   This single page has the Owner’s information, as in the old form, and the Owner and Measurer declarations. These are the essential items required for certification whether it is to be retained on paper, or electronically.   The various checks required of the measurer are removed.

The items required to be checked by the measurer in the previous Measurement Forms are now in the two Check List Forms and match the items in the previous Measurement Forms. These still require the balance of the six pages of the previous forms, the difference is that they are not required to be sent to the National Class Association and should be retained by the measurer for his, or her, records.   As these Check List Forms have only the owners information varying and all the other items “correct” if the boat is to be certificated, it would be simpler for the measurer to keep a simple log book, or loose leaf binder, with the information on the owner and for each boat he, or she, has measured. A suggested Measurer’s Record Form is included.   This form is not part of the control certification, but measurers should keep a record of boats they measure in a similar manner. If the pertinent information on the check list forms was transferred to this format it would then reduce the need to retain the five pages of check lists for each boat measured to a single page per boat.

The approach adopted for the Measurer’s Check List Forms has been to change the question which required a Yes / No / NA answer, to a statement of what the Measurer has to check if the particular item is to comply.   If the item complies with the statement then the measurer checks it off on his form.   The various statements correspond to the previous form’s questions and some advantage has been taken of space freed up to expand an item in some cases which may save the measurer checking his Class Rules quite as often during the certification process.   When the check lists are completed with all the items complying, the measurer signs off on the Certification Control Form.

It is recognised that often boats are presented for certification with less than all three rigs.   An Additional Rigs Form is included for the purpose of adding rigs to the boats certificate. This reduces the necessity of transmitting four pages when rigs are being added to the certificate, to a single page. Naturally it is used in conjunction with the Rig / Sails Check List Form.

Lawrie Neish
VC Measurement

IOM certification Control Form
IOM Hull Certification Control Check List Form
IOM Rig Certification Control   Check List Form
IOM Additional Rigs Measurement Form
Measurer’s record

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