Over the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of discussion around the recent political events in the neighbouring countries and areas around the location of this year’s Worlds. The Israel Yachting Association (IYA) and the IOM ICA have had numerous discussions about possible actions regarding this event.

During those discussions it was decided, and announced, that no decision would be taken until a couple of weeks had passed.

Very recent events now indicate that there has been a substantial moderation in the situation and as a result the decision has been taken to move ahead exactly as previously planned and conduct this event at the location and time originally agreed to and approved.

IYA and the organizers have informed us that “all preparations are going well. All sailors are safe and welcome to come. Fantastic sailing conditions are expected as well as great atmosphere and a lot of fun”

It should be noted that the safety and security of participants attending this event has been a major focus of the application for and approval of this event. The Israel Yachting Association and the people directly involved in organizing this event have gone out of their way at every step of the planning of this event to assure that these factors have been in the forefront of any decisions. They should be commended for that focus.

A note has been sent to all entrants and NCAs to welcome them to the event and outlines some interesting plans for a day trip to Jerusalem on the scheduled lay day. (Download here).

IOM ICA wishes the best to the organizers and all competitors for great weather, good winds and a terrific event. We look forward to continuing updates leading up to and during the event.

Barry Fox – IOMICA Chairman / Olivier Cohen – IOMICA VC Events

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