Agenda for 2007 IOMICA AGM

The Agenda for the 2007 IOMICA AGM has been finalized and is available as a PDF download: IOMICA World Council Meeting Agenda 2007 This message confirms that the AGM will take place on the 19 October 2007 during the World championships in Marseille. Andy Stevenson GBR 1779 IOMICA Secretary

Exec Update July 2007

World Council Preparations for the AGM continue, as yet there have been no submissions for resolutions and the list of Exec nominations remains incomplete. Measurement [None] Technical [None] Events Standard Sailing Instructions for the World Championships have been finalized and forwarded to YCPR. Stage 1 & 2 competitor allocation has been completed and we’re still

2007 World Council AGM

The IOMICA 2007 Annual General Meeting of the World council will take place at the World Championships in Marseille. The most likely date is the 18th October, but we’re waiting for confirmation on date and venue from YCPR. Assuming this date for the moment the timescales are as follows: Proposals for AGM resolutions and nominations

Exec Update June 2007

World Council All the annual reports are in except one. A campaign of chasing will begin shortly! The AGM this year will be held at the World Championships in Marseille, the 18th or 19th has been suggested but is subject to confirmation. Assuming the above, timescales are as follows: AGM resolutions / Exec nominations due

Exec Update May 2007

World Council I’m still missing 2 annual reports. Reminders to the offending parties will go out soon. At the moment it is likely that the IOMICA AGM will be held at the World Championships this year, assuming sufficient turn out of World Council members. It’s worth a gentle reminder that it won’t be too long

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