World Council

I’m still missing 2 annual reports. Reminders to the offending parties will go out soon.

At the moment it is likely that the IOMICA AGM will be held at the World Championships this year, assuming sufficient turn out of World Council members. It’s worth a gentle reminder that it won’t be too long before we’ll need to start thinking about submissions for AGM resolutions.

It’s also re-election time for the Executive Committee; anyone with an interest in serving should start to make themselves heard.

Details of the required timings will follow a firm decision on where & when the AGM will take place.


A new electronic version of the certificate has been distributed. So far the response has been positive.

Final versions of the measurement forms are now available from the website.






Please everyone remember that new users registering on the forum should in addition to registering through the forum software send email to vcinfocomms. Otherwise your username request will not be handled!
As the national sub-forums on the IOMICA forum have seen very little use I have not created national sub-forums for the new NCAs, and in the long term it is probably best to remove all of the national sub-forums since they do not seem to be needed.

If anyone has a good IOM racing picture for the IOMICA website we could use a change. So email it to vcinfocomms!

Andy Stevenson
GBR 1779
IOMICA Secretary

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