World Council

All the annual reports are in except one. A campaign of chasing will begin shortly!

The AGM this year will be held at the World Championships in Marseille, the 18th or 19th has been suggested but is subject to confirmation.

Assuming the above, timescales are as follows:

  • AGM resolutions / Exec nominations due by 09 August 2007
  • A notice of meeting & final agenda will then be released by 23 August 2007
  • Each NCA must advise its voting strength by 20 September 2007

An announcement will follow in due course once venue & dates have been finalised, but it would be prudent for those with resolutions to propose or a desire to serve on the Exec to start getting themselves organised.


It has been pointed out that there’s a typo in the new Rig measurement form. A revision is available for download from the web site. My apologies for the slip up.







Andy Stevenson
GBR 1779
IOMICA Secretary

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