New NCA: The Bahamas (BAH)

World Council Members:

I, Fred Rocha, serving as Chairman of the Executive Committee am proud to announce the completion and approval of the application process allowing Bahamas to become the IOM ICA family’s newest National Class Association. I am hoping that you will extend your support and welcome to all their participating skippers at upcoming international events. The Bahamas is excited about promoting their internal growth of the International One Metre, and views this inclusion to our World Council as an important step in formalizing their domestic and international participation now and in the future. Formal BAH NCA contact information will be added to the website shortly, so please help me to make them feel welcome by extending your greetings and support.

If there are any questions or concern, please feel free to contact me anytime.

With Kindest Regards,
Fred Rocha
Chairman, IOM ICA


Download the full statement here

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